Most people may have heard of image hosting, but have never really known what it is about. The following information will help you get all the answers you need.

What is it?

This is basically renting out space on the internet that acts as your personal hard disk. An image host service allows you to post pictures, graphics, videos, etc. and show them to interested parties online. These interested parties could be your fans, friends, family or no one but yourself. There are well known image host sites such as Photobucket, which let you post images for free. The catch is that it is free up to a certain point in time after which you will need to upgrade your account. This is a policy which is contrary to what a site such as offers.

Why do I need it?

Image hosting

Picture this (pun intended). You log into your Facebook one day and get tired of the whole thing so you decide to cancel your account. But wait. What about all those 363 pics you posted? You could look for the ‘download’ option, but will end up looking a long time my friend. This is where these online photo storage options come in.

Image hosting services are basically the solution to this problem. They allow you to post as many pictures as you like while saving them within the app (most sites like have a built-in cloud storage feature). Also, this service is a great way for enthusiasts as well as professional photographers to showcase their work. Most of the image host sites allow users to license their work, set default privacy setting so that only the people you want to view your images will view them, an HTML code to link to your image on your website/blog, etc.

You can also share them to social media sites whenever you like. This means that the next time you think of deleting your Facebook account again, you will do this comfortably without worrying whether you need to save your images to your computer or phone.

How to get started?

There are many image host services available today. Depending on what you’re looking to get, you can purchase services such as image hosting, photo blogging, photo galleries, screenshot editing, technical support installed, etc.

A wide variety of monthly plans are available and designed to meet each user’s needs. These may be considered as affordable for a majority of people. However, some sites offer free services. Before purchasing any of these services, make sure you read the terms and conditions. Some sites are free, but allow you to post pictures up to a certain limit.

Flickr is one such popular site that allows users up to 1TB of free space. This is convenient when you think of the 10MB limit that Photobucket offers. Others, such as Shutterfly don’t allow users to download their own high resolution photos. This is weird because posting them is a breeze. Instead, you will end up downloading compressed versions of your images. Make sure you look out for such loopholes.

Moving on up

As time goes on, the face of online storage is changing. Today, the world is dominated by smartphones, social networking and a digital flood in the market. All these factors cause drastic changes in the face of editing which most of us have managed to adapt to with ease. Popular social sites such as Instagram allow users to post their images and videos and end up sharing them with their followers. However, the site does have its limitations dismissing it as a valid choice for a professional photographer.

Cloud storage services that sync with devices such as mobile phones are something short of a little miracle for many, but do suffer their fair share of shortcomings. There is a growing need for image hosting services as businesses continue to grow and the number of professional photographers increases. This need is not going to dwindle even with the evolution of 20MP smartphones and promises from digital giants that laptop storage is improving.

So, are you still not convinced?

Imagine having to depend on social media to store every single picture you posted on the internet. Keep in mind that social media allows you to post as many pictures as you want, but doesn’t do much when it comes to helping you edit these images. The last thing you want to see after a bad breakup is your ex’s face. Facebook won’t let you crop them out so what do you do? What about when you are looking to print these images? This may be a critical limiting factor for so many people. You need to store your images somewhere secure where you can allow certain people to view them and edit them whenever you want to.

So who’s who?

There are plenty of sites out there such as those I mentioned above, but all these have one thing in common: limitation. There is not one site that offers you everything you could ever want from hosting images online. Most of these sites have seemingly focused their efforts on improving one sector and letting other important components go to hell.

We find it difficult to find a competent image host service that will give us the ultimate all-round experience and still cost close to nothing. One service to watch out for is This service is pretty close to the ultimate photographer’s experience and does a good job at storing your images online. I would place my blue chips on it.

Technology is continually finding ways to shock us as time evolves. 20 years ago, this talk of being able to store your images online would seem like a conundrum to anyone who’d heard it. How come you can’t see this space? Where is it? How do I know I am using up all of it? These are just some of the questions those folks would have posed to us. Today, online photo storage is something close to a necessity for anyone who is passionate about photography. It has eased this camera loving individual’s work when it comes to producing a portfolio or resume. If you are looking for some somewhere to store your pictures without having to worry about them being lost or mistakenly deleted, you may consider subscribing to this image hosting.

Free flash games

All of us, at some point in time, have had some kind of interaction with free flash games. These games are so darn addictive and some people just can’t get enough of them. There are flash games sites on the web that range in the tens of thousands, but I am going to show you why you may consider resting on only one. Read on to find out why the site I am talking about is such a big hit.

The site’s free games do more than just keep you fixed on your screen. They spark your creativity. Once you are the main player in the jungle you are bound to come up with ways of surviving. Your thinking extends beyond the borders of the game into real life. You begin thinking how you would survive in the real world. An individual can get really inventive just by spending a little time with the game creators in their little virtual haven. In addition, they are packed with loads of excitement. There are various treasure hunt games, alien wars, get to fight evil as a superhero, mafia wars (you finally get to act out your favorite The Godfather scene). Kids can also develop crucial life skills such as time management, learn how to depend on themselves as well as learn how to complete tasks and achieve objectives.


These flash games will cost you absolutely nothing. All you need to do is pay for your own computer, Wi-Fi and to make sure all your computer keys are working.

They are also easy to play. They have incorporated a simple user interface that is easy for adults as well as children to understand. Each game comes with tutorial and clear instructions to help you across the way.

Great graphics that can work for almost any kind of system.
You can play these games in almost any browser. These flash games are compatible with Mozilla browsers, Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer. You can also bookmark the page on your PC for easy access. This will enable users to enjoy the games wherever they go right from the convenience of their PCs.

Why them?

We want to embrace the classic idea of fun that free flash games represent. These games take you back to the good old Super Mario days when you used to hit your favorite arcade with your pals after one month of saving pennies just to get a chance to play it. Today, you can relive those memories with their flash gaming options as you play a free Super Mario flash game on their site.

They guarantee you easy access to all the kinds of games you love all at the click of a button.

There is no limit to your happiness on their site. You can get to play as many games as you want and as much as you want. As long as you are craving free flash gaming, they will be there.

Did I mention it’s all free?


There is an incredible variety waiting for you on this site. They have sci-fi games, role-playing games, comical games (get to play Obama), action and adventure games, simulations, puzzles, futuristic games (the robot kind), Samurai games, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the mood for fighting zombies or invading an alien planet. They will help you achieve either or both. If you are feeling in the mood to stimulate your mind and relax, a puzzle might just be what you need for the moment. Get to play the President of the United States and see what kind of tasks you will be completing or countries you will be invading. The only downside is that you might not get to see as much action as is displayed in Scandal or House of Cards, but you never know what these game developers have in store for you. Watch this space.


I will not even downplay this realization. Their quality is great. They have some of the best online flash games that can be found online. Every concept has been maximized for your pleasure. All the games have engaging storylines. You just don’t jump right into the game and start completing intermediate missions when you are just a beginner. Every game has step by step procedures requiring you to complete particular tasks in order to proceed to the next level. Their quality of sounds and graphics is also top notch. Gun sounds, kick sounds, etc. all feel incredibly real and vivid.

They guarantee a high replay value that will make both the developer and player very happy. They get to do what they are good at and I get to be happy playing all the games I want.

Multi-player or single?

You can play as a single player in some games and activate the multi-player MMO feature in other games. You can choose to have all the fun alone in your favorite flash game as a single player or you may consider calling your friends over and taking turns as single players. Your friends and you can place bets on who leaves the ring quicker, who gets shot quickest or who gets to the alien planet first.

These games are also easy for your kid. Father and son can have a fun bonding experience with their games as they partner to find treasure. Just make sure you don’t get too attached to the screen and give your kid some room to play too.

Getting started

Looking for a solution for those boring days you spend at home? Let these guys help you. Simply turn on your PC, make sure all your keys are working (specifically the mouse, letters, arrow keys and F functions), go to their site and browse all the games available and choose one you like. After you get tired, you can always choose another one. Play for as long as you like, as much as you like.

I particularly like the free flash games because they keep me busy on my sleepless nights. If there was a Flash Games Anonymous, I bet I’d be the first to enroll. There is so much to offer and the information above is just the tip of the whole iceberg that this site truly is. If you are looking for something different that is intriguing and worth your time, you may consider trying their free flash gaming options. See you there.